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Student Participation

At Thrive, we know that having quality, nutritious food is only half of a successful food service equation. In order to increase student participation and community involvement, we have developed several programs to educate and excite students about the food we offer. Utilization of marketing and other promotional materials is also key to encouraging participation.

Thrive will use proven visual materials to boost involvement and clarify healthy choices. These marketing initiatives can highlight topical and timely connections to the food service program, such as holidays, special events, seasonal and local foods, and other themes. Our in-house marketing department can customize materials to suit the specific needs of your nutrition program and community.

  • Step 1: Starting on solid ground We are actively making sure the food service program fits the needs of the students. This is a high priority.
  • Step 2: Provide fast, friendly service We know that good customer service makes a difference. Fast, friendly and helpful service will engage students in making the right decisions when it comes to healthy eating.
  • Step 3: Offer variety and choice We offer a wide variety of high quality options as well as new, interesting and popular choices that will help keep students interested and lunch time exciting.
  • Step 4: Create an appealing environment A visually appealing, inviting environment is crucial to even the pickiest of eaters. We create this by using effective merchandising materials and knowledgeable staff to communicate with the students, which will help them make the best decisions.
  • Step 5: Keep it interesting We are promoting new items and focusing on specific events and holidays to make the everyday lunch program a little more interesting. This will give the students something to look forward to in addition to expanding their food horizons.
  • Step 6: Detailed menus We have menus and recipes developed by a team of Registered Dietitians that will ensure that every student is eating a well-balanced, nutritious meal. All of our menus and recipes are compliant with current USDA standards.
  • Step 7: Follow up We will meet with students and staff on a regular basis to see if there are things that we can improve or focus more on. This way we can provide the best food service options for the district.
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