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Nutrition and Menu Development

Designing menus that meet student needs and administrative expectations is a challenging task that Thrive is ready to tackle head on. One aspect of menu design is that we focus on variety. We offer an expanded range of menu selections that allow students to select a meal that they will eat and enjoy. This will result in less wasted food and increasing student acceptance and participation.

Our team of Registered Dietitians work hard to make sure that every menu meets USDA guidelines for child nutrition. Our Dietitians will also meet with parents who may have children that have special dietary needs to address any questions or concerns, and help plan special diets for any student who may need one.

Each menu is specifically designed with the needs of each school district in mind. Our menus contain nutritional information, which can be posted for students and staff to read so they can choose the best meal options.

We focus on a home-style cooking method, so this way the options are more appealing and healthier for the students to enjoy.

Students are encouraged to voice their opinions on what they like and do not like for food choices, if they have fun ideas for lunch time, or if there is something new they would like to see at lunch.

Our Food Service Director will do their best to accommodate any requests. We work closely with various local and State Food Service Advisory Boards, along with the USDA National Child Nutrition Program to make sure our menus are compliant with the specific standards that are in place for student nutrition.

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