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Thrive understands that constant communication is critical to the successful implementation of any food service program. Our commitment to communication means that during service periods, we are in schools visiting with administrative staff and students on a regular basis.

Student Nutrition Advisory Committee 

The Student Nutrition Advisory Committee (SNAC) is the primary means of student involvement in development of the dining program. An active SNAC group meets regularly, providing the manager with input on menu and taste preferences, promotional ideas, program successes and shortfalls, etc. We rely on the involvement of committee members to communicate to other students, that we are listening to their ideas and that we care.

Food Preference & Dining Surveys

We regularly work with the SNAC to achieve feedback and student responses with a food preferences survey. This is something that is done at all levels of education. Each student is asked to rate their preference of menu items and are given the opportunity to voice their opinion, on favorite food options and what they would like to see different. These surveys serve as key information for both menu and service development.


Our menus focus on offering a home-style option everyday along with kid friendly entrees. Our dietitians have developed nutrition fact labels for each entrée that can be posted every day. This allows the students to make healthy menu choices based on the ingredients.

Faculty & Staff

While the students are our primary customers, faculty and staff satisfaction are also key components to the success of the program. We take a number of steps to effectively communicate with this group, including staff meetings, where discussions of the program are encouraged.

Parent Involvement

We want parents to be confident that the food service program provides nutritious meals that kids will eat and enjoy.


Meetings We welcome the opportunity to discuss the food service program at individual PTA/PTO Meetings, and to participate in PTA/PTO Functions.

School Board Meetings

A member of the Thrive Nutrition Services team will attend School Board Meetings as requested, to provide additional information and answer questions about the food service program. These meetings will also provide our management team with an understanding of any issues the District may be facing.

Administration Visits

We will establish a timeline for routine visits to review the progress of the program with the administration. A member of the Thrive Nutrition Services team will visit monthly with the administration to ensure we are meeting the expectations of our client-partner. Visits by other key Thrive staff are scheduled throughout the academic year. We are always available for routine communication and will make ourselves available to assist at any time as specific needs arise.

State Level Communication

Thrive Nutrition Services fosters a productive relationship with the State Department of Education. Our goal is to establish a partnership with state officials, keeping them informed of any changes in the Districts and inviting their input into our programs. To ensure a good working relationship, we will encourage all personnel, when possible, to attend all state and local school food service meetings and stay informed of any new rules or regulations. We will use the State Consultant and other key state officials as sources for information and materials. Thrive also has been invited to be part of the food distribution advisory group to help select commodities for the upcoming school year

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