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Choose healthy. Choose local.

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Thrive, Inspire

You have enough on your plate; let us worry about food service!

Thrive is a national leader in food service management. We are proud of our 20 years of service and know that our clients appreciate the way we do business. Our experience with K-12 school nutrition over the years has led to a distinguished and responsive food service program that can keep up with the changing government regulations and requirements in the industry.


Thrive designs menus that provide high quality healthy food with creative variety that is nutritious and tasteful. Our team of dietitians ensures all the food we use provides all the nutrition kids need to learn and thrive at school.


We customize meals to bring more students into the programs by utilizing regional products, recipes, and vendors to bring local taste to the school. 


Think school lunch needs to be boring to meet nutrition standards? Think again. Thrive uses fresh and made from scratch recipes to make entrees wholesome and appetizing while still ensuring compliance with all USDA guidelines and regulations. 

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